TWA Office Staff visit Knysna Water and Waste Water Works

TWA takes its1.Knysna WW visit Nov18 pledge to offer the best training in the water services sector very seriously. Recently the office admin staff, together with CEO Kevin Treffry-Goatley, donned sensible shoes and headed out to tour the Knysna water and waste water plants to better understand the workplace environment that our learners use as the basis for their training. We believe that increased knowledge and better understanding of the learner context by all members of staff, irrespective of their job designation at TWA ultimately benefits all stakeholders.

So, in our ongoing quest for knowledge we put our documents and computers aside for a morning and engaged in some first-hand site-based learning.

water wastewater reticulation training

TWA thanks Knysna Municipality for so readily and enthusiastically agreeing to host us.