Thato Mohapi appointed as TWA coaching co-ordinator

Thato Mohapi was recently appointed as the TWA coaching co-ordinator. His job is to bridge the gap between theory and practical training and ensure all stakeholders are meaningfully involved in the learning process. 

Accredited qualifications are based on integrated theory and practical training with a 30% classroom-based theory learning and 70% workplace practical application split, as laid down by EWSETA and SAQA requirements. No workplace is exactly the same as another and it can be challenging to monitor and standardise the practical training over a number of different water and waste water treatment plants spread across a broad geographical area on any one learnership. Heavy work schedules, shift rosters, staff shortages, limitations of a particular plant for a specific learning component can interfere with consistency of training. The learnership implementation relies on an accredited training provider, such as TWA, to facilitate the theory while the practical training becomes the responsibility of the different municipalities the learners are employed with. Supervisors and technical managers are expected to take on coaching duties over and above their day to day duties. Coaches are not always given the necessary explanation and support. TWA sought to address this issue to ensure that the learning experience is never compromised because of inevitable workplace constraints. The fist step was to listen to our learners, their supervisors and facilitators and to address their concerns about access to meaningful workplace coaching. 

1.Lburg WWT Thato and Coaches

An exciting new position was created to ensure overall co-ordination of coaching across a learnership, where the learner body is made up of members from different municipalities working on diverse plants. Our coaching co-ordinator makes early contact with municipalities and coaches, visits the workplace sites where he walks the plant with a coach and learns what each plant has to offer in terms of training, as well as where resources on alternative plants may need to be sourced.  Coaches, managers and learners meet with the coaching co-ordinator to ensure all understand their responsibility in the learning process and all understand what is expected in terms of coaching and learning standard operating procedures.  A mid-term monitoring and support visit is undertaken to check on progress and address any challenges. The coaching co-ordinator makes a third visit to the plant at the end of the learnership, once all coaching is complete for a final practical assessment to verify competency in the coaching component. 

Thato Mohapi , our coaching co-ordinator has a wealth of experience in the water services sector having worked as process controller, served on advisory bodies, facilitated training programmes, assessed and moderated learner evidence. His tenure as a union representative has equipped him with a deep understanding of the workplace environment and the unique nature of process control work. TWA is delighted to have Thato on board and we look forward to providing an enhanced service to all our clients, both present and future.