Key Water Sector Support Services

The Water Academy was established to support water sector training standards, accelerate access to clean water for all and share information and expertise amongst learners and water industry professionals. Our key services to the water sector include:

Development of best-practice, site-specific standard operating procedures and associated "know-how". We offer a free resource of generic standard operating procedures. These can be tailored to suit specific site requirements. Such procedures include, amongst others:

  • For water treatment: chlorine dosing, changing chlorine drums & cylinders and jar testing.
  • For waste water treatment: operate on activated sludge unit, operate on bio-filter and Safety.
  • For reticulation services: lay pipes, join pipes, cleaning & disinfecting of systems and pipe unblocking.

Provision of trouble-shooting process engineering expertise to highlight potential obstacles to the provision of excellent water services. We also assist in regulatory compliance.

Top-up training in standard operating procedures to ensure regulatory compliance amongst all personnel.

Development of people -we believe that people are the key to achieving our goal of access to clean water for all. Our strategy follows:

• The meaningful development and empowerment of water services personnel who can implement and manage water and waste-water treatment, reticulation services , water conservation and water demand management programmes.
• The creation of water services employment opportunities through alignment of water management training with real-time industry needs

Administration, expertise & experience

The Water Academy name is associated with consistency and reliability. We aim for excellence in all business areas:

• A commitment to quality and ethics
• The employment of expert, dedicated, water services sector-specific facilitators, each with a wealth of experience in their own field
• Excellent, established internal management and administrative systems to assure professionally moderated quality of water industry learner achievements


We pride ourselves in offering consistency and reliability in the water training services we provide to our clients. We work closely with our clients to assure best outcomes and affirm partnerships. Click here for Brochure.

We can assist with your water management training and process engineering requirements. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request.