Computer Training

Computer Training

An Introduction to Computers and Computer Operation: Module M296

This module includes two Unit Standards:

Course Duration: 5 class days

This course provides learners with foundational knowledge and skills on the operation of computers and computer systems.

Target Competencies : Learners credited with this unit will be capable of:

  • Explaining the concept of computers, what they do, where they are used, types of computers, computer networks, and basic maintenance requirements  such as cleaning, using antivirus, updating and backing up and anti- surge
  • Understanding the difference between computer hardware and software and explaining the function of the operating system, and software programmes including, Word Processing, Spread Sheets, E mail and using the internet to find out information
  • Practically using  the computer to :write and print out  a document , write and send an e-mail and conduct an internet search for specific information
  • Create, format, and edit tables in a document

Course Methodology: The course will be provided at the Clients own site. TWA will provide for the learners use, for the duration of the course, seven lap-top computers networked through a wireless hub, a networked printer, internet connection and a data projector for facilitation purposes. Learners competence will be evaluated at the end of the course through a theory test and a practical demonstration.

Computer Class      Computer Class      Computer Class