Process Controller Shiftman

1. M276 (M135 & M125) Stay healthy, safe and productive, a water works guide

SAQA US 246459 & 13220 12 credits NQF2 5 class days, 3 site day

This course focuses process controllers on the practical application of the occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to work on a water or wastewater treatment works. It raises awareness of their roles and responsibilities within the OHSA.

2. M283 Understand and Use Instruments and Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

SAQA US 246471 & 246442 11 credits NQF2 5 class days, 3 site day

This course provides foundation understanding and skills in the operation of the types of instruments, pumps, valves mechanical and electrical equipment found on a water and wastewater treatment works.

3. M285 Conduct sampling and process control tests (M123 & M124)

SAQA US 246464 & 246461 8 credits NQF2 4 class days, 3 site day

This course provides a process controller with the skills to take water or wastewater samples and then to conduct process control tests such as: pH, turbidity, chlorine and conductivity and jar test.

4. M132 Operate coagulation, flocculation & sedimentation process

SAQA US 246440 10 credits NQF2 5 class days, 2 site day

The successful operation of the coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation process are core to producing good quality potable water. This module provides the necessary skills and knowledge to skilfully operate these processes.

5. M134 Operate the chlorine dosing process

SAQA US 246535 5 credits NQF2 3 class days, 2 site day

This course provides process controllers the knowledge and methods to operate the chlorination process including safety, measures, connecting and disconnecting, and measuring chlorine residuals.

6. M145 Operate inlet works

SAQA US 246465 5 credits NQF2 3 class days, 1 site day

This course includes:

  • The purpose and importance of the Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) inlet works
  • Types of sanitation systems
  • Legal requirements
  • Storm overflow handling
  • Screen and screenings, degritter and grit
  • Flow measurement

7. M144 Operate primary settling processes in waste water treatment

SAQA US 246469 5 credits NQF2 3 class days, 1 site day

This course includes:

  • Characteristics of WWTW sludge – fresh and septic
  • Types of PST and sludge removal systems
  • How to operate the PST and routine maintenance.

8. M187 Demonstrate knowledge of activated sludge processes in wastewater treatment

SAQA US 254116 6 credits NQF2 4 class days, 2 site day

This module covers:

  • The theory of A/S including basic biological processes and carbon and nitrogen removed.
  • The lay out and parts of the A/S process
  • The operation adjustments to the process to achieve treatment standards
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • The time on site required for practical training depends on the number of learners and their prior experience. The practical site days given assumes a group of ten learners with a moderate degree of practical experience. The actual time may vary.
  • It is assumed that the employer will provide all equipment needed for the practical training. A list of required equipment will be provided.
  • The time allocation excludes assessing time. An addition allowance of 1 hour per learners per Unit Standard must be allocated for assessing of competency
  • Any re-assessing will be additional to the above time allocation