Process Controller Trainee

1. M130 Demonstrate knowledge of water cycle, water & wastewater systems & processes

SAQA US 246463 5 credits NQF2 3 class days, 0 site days

A qualifying learner will be able to explain the elements of the water cycle and water catchment management and gain a broad perspective of the water sector including relevant legislation. This knowledge will equip the learner with the foundational knowledge and understanding of water that is required to function effectively within the water sector as this knowledge is required in all areas. This competence will enable the learner to value water as a scarce resource and share this knowledge to improve community understanding of the importance of conserving water resources.

Learners credited with this unit standard are capable of:

  • Identifying and explaining the process of the natural water cycle.
  • Explaining the impact of land-use on water within a catchment.
  • Discussing ground water as a water resource.
  • Discussing surface water as a water resource.
  • Describe water borne diseases

2. M131 Demonstrating knowledge of water treatment processes

SAQA US 246450 8 credits NQF2 3 class days, 1 site day

This course provides an overview of the water treatment process including:

  • Sources of water
  • Purpose of a WTP
  • Man steps of the WTP
  • Chemicals used
  • Water Treatment standards

3. M129 Demonstrating basic knowledge of waste water treatment process

SAQA US 246460 8 credits NQF2 3 class days, 1 site day

This course provides an overview of the WW treatment process and includes:

  • Sources of WW and associated contaminants, both domestic and industrial
  • Purpose of a WWTW
  • The main steps in a WWTW.
  • On-site sanitation systems
  • The time on site required for practical training depends on the number of learners and their prior experience. The practical site days given assumes a group of ten learners with a moderate degree of practical experience. The actual time may vary.
  • It is assumed that the employer will provide all equipment needed for the practical training. A list of required equipment will be provided.
  • The time allocation excludes assessing time. An addition allowance of 1 hour per learners per Unit Standard must be allocated for assessing of competency
  • Any re-assessing will be additional to the above time allocation