Reticulation Serviceman: Assistant

1. M151 Construct water reticulation concrete work & brick masonry

SAQA US 254055 5 credits NQF2 3 class days, 2 site days

The module includes:

  • How to mark out a foundation
  • Dig a foundation
  • Mix concrete
  • Pour a foundation
  • Build simple brick work station
  • Build simple concrete structures such as, thrust blocks.
  • Construct concrete manholes using concrete rings

2. M157 Operate mechanical,electrical, hydraulic & pneumatic tools & equipment

SAQA US 254060 4 credits NQF2 3 class days, 2 site days

Most constructive action is now undertaken using power tools and equipment. The study of this module includes:

  • Fundamentals of drive units such as electrical, petrol, diesel and air
  • The use of electric tools such as drills and grinders and electrical safety
  • The use of mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic tools such as, compactors, pumps, pipe-cutters, jackhammers & hydraulic equipment.
  • Related health and safety

3. M160 Sling loads

SAQA US 12481 4 credits NQF2 3 class days, 1 site days

Pipes and equipment is moved around a construction site in and out of trenches. Heavy equipment is moved using cranes and slings. This module teaches:

  • Type of slings, wire rope, fibre and chain
  • SANS requirements and specifications for selecting and checking slings
  • Estimating the mass of a load and selecting the correct sling
  • Attaching and balancing loads
  • Moving a load including hand signals OHSA requirements

4. M166 Demonstrate knowledge of water reticulation systems and the cleaning and disinfection thereof

SAQA US 254062 12 credits NQF2 5 class days, 3 site days

This module includes:

  • Water treatment systems
    - Water quantity and quality requirements
    - Raw water sources and intake systems
    - Water purification process
  • Water distribution systems
    - Reservoirs and Reticulation networks
    - Property services and connecting
    - Basic Hydraulics
  • Cleaning pipe systems good practising to prevent contamination during construction during construction during construction maintenance
  • Cleaning reservoirs

5. M164 Demonstrate knowledge of wastewater pipe unblocking & maintenance

SAQA US 254054 12 credits NQF2 5 class days, 3 site days
  • Describe the purpose and nature of wastewater collection systems.
  • Describe the types of and components of wastewater collection systems.
  • Clear a blockage within a wastewater collection system.
  • Carry out access chamber maintenance procedures.
  • Describe the causes of blockages within wastewater collection systems.
  • Describe the equipment and techniques available for clearing blockages, and preventative maintenance.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of wastewater overflow management and clean-up procedures.

The time on site required for practical training depends on the number of learners and their prior experience. The practical site days given assumes a group of ten learners with a moderate degree of practical experience. The actual time may vary.
It is assumed that the employer will provide all equipment needed for the practical training. A list of required equipment will be provided.
The time allocation excludes assessing time. An addition allowance of 1 hour per learners per Unit Standard must be allocated for assessing of competency
Any re-assessing will be additional to the above time allocation