Reticulation Serviceman: Team Leader & Supervisor

1. M212 Supervise personal safety practices in the workplace

SAQA US 254099 4 credits NQF4 3 class days, 1 site days

Water services management have a responsibility to themselves, their employees and their staff to ensure the effective implementation of the OHSA. The study of this module provides supervisors with an understanding of their responsibilities and accountabilities and how to implement a system that will ensure the safety of their staff.

The module includes:

  • Relevant sections and requirements of the OHSA and the COD Act.
  • The purpose of the H & S committee and safety Reps and their elections
  • Safe working practices including the wearing and replacement of PPE
  • Supervisors of emergency procedures and working with moving machinery including: lock-outs and guarding.
  • Supervisor of house keeping and entering confined spaces.

2. M199 Read and Interpret maps and engineering drawings of water and waste water reticulation systems

SAQA US 254075 5 credits NQF3 3 class days, 0 site days
  • The time on site required for practical training depends on the number of learners and their prior experience. The practical site days given assumes a group of ten learners with a moderate degree of practical experience. The actual time may vary.
  • It is assumed that the employer will provide all equipment needed for the practical training. A list of required equipment will be provided.
  • The time allocation excludes assessing time. An addition allowance of 1 hour per learners per Unit Standard must be allocated for assessing of competency
  • Any re-assessing will be additional to the above time allocation