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Water Demand Management & No Drop | Blue Drop & Green Drop

The Water Academy offers expert advice and guidance in regulatory compliance processes for the water sector. Our targeted programmes, developed by industry experts, support water providers in the reduction of water loss and the maintenance of water quality.

Water Demand Management & No Drop

South Africa has used 97.3% of its available water leaving less that 3% available for future demands. In 2013 it was estimated that more that 30% of all towns were experiencing a water shortage (NWRS 2 June 2013). A more recent study (WRC Report TT522/12) reported that over 25% of water is lost through physical leaks in the reticulation systems. This water loss is estimated to be costing municipalities an estimated R5 billion per annum. 

The Water Academy offers step-by-step guidance and full support to municipalities in the planning, systematic implementation and maintenance of sustainable water conservation and quality programmes. Through our water loss and no-drop programmes we assist in the reduction of water loss and increase the efficiency of municipal water management systems.

Blue Drop & Green Drop

The Water Academy offers a full support service to guide water providers to achieve, administrate and maintain Blue Drop and Green Drop status awards. These incentive-based water quality accreditations aim to contribute to an overall improvement in water and wastewater quality in South Africa.