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Water Sector Sustainability, Security & Quality

Our Water Loss & No-Drop Programmes

Water conservation, quality and delivery are priority issues in South Africa. The management of water loss and the creation of availability for future demand are key concerns that municipalities must address. The Water Academy provides water suppliers and institutions with the requisite knowledge, skills, process and ongoing partnership in essential areas of water management including the maintenance of water quality and management of water loss. Click here for further information about No-Drop criteria.

 Water Loss Reduction

We calculate a water balance equation and advise on the actions required to reduce real and commercial (NRW) losses in the water supply chain. We then assist municipalities in reducing water loss in their reticulation system through a systematic four stage process.

PHASE 1 - PRE-ENGINEERING: We establish baselines, interventions and methods planned; reduction of priority new losses; buy-in and capacity building of all stakeholders; no drop actions.

PHASE 2 - ENGINEERING: We develop bill of quantities, costs, funding and implementation options

PHASE 3 - IMPLEMENTATION PHASE: We install systems and train staff

PHASE 4 - MONITORING AND EVALUATION PHASE: Maintenance and assessment

Phase 1 of the programme is rolled out over approximately 24 weeks. Costs are dependant on location, system size and the number of participants in the programme. To contact us for more information please CLICK HERE

 Course Accreditation

The course (M310) is based on three SAQA Unit Standards and the No Drop incentive programme. Participants will be awarded NQF Credits as applicable.

US254118: Apply water loss control principles : 8 credits, NQF 5
US254122: Demonstrate knowledge of leak detection and leak detection programs: 4 credits, NQF 4
US254095 (M277): Maintain water quality in water supply reticulation systems: 5 credits, NQF4
The No Drop assessment criteria

 Water Loss & No Drop Reference Manual and Work Book

Our Reference Manual provides the supporting knowledge to implement water loss, No Drop and water quality management programs successfully. Our Work Book provides the knowledge assignments, standard operation procedures and portfolio of evidence required for skills development that supports the implementation of these programmes and demonstrates related competencies. Our in-house publications are compiled by water industry experts.

To view the contents of the Reference Manual click here
To view the contents of the Work Book click here


We partner with local municipalities and empower their own teams to set up, operate and manage water infrastructure and systems. This process builds capacity and creates sustained gains in reducing water loss.

 Financial Viability & Supply Security

The financial viability of a project is supported by the reduction of money wastage through water loss. Supply security is achieved by balancing water supply and demand through a threefold process - reducing water loss, reducing water demand and establishing means by which to augment water supply, including rainwater harvesting.

 Water Quality Maintenance

Effective management of the water quality in a reticulation system requires that there are well-developed procedures for the installation, operation and maintenance of these systems as well as operational staff who can manage these systems. This Water Academy programme provides these essential procedures and ensures that learners have the knowledge and skills to uphold these processes by way of our accredited water management training programmes.

 Employment & Skills Creation

Skills are developed within a municipality to manage water resources, reduce water loss and maintain water quality. This is done via meaningful theoretical and practical training, empowerment of individuals and ongoing assessment.

 Achievement of No Drop Status

The Water Academy offers full support to municipalities through the process of No Drop accreditation. The No-Drop programme is an integral part of the three-drop incentive initiative published by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) in 2013. There are seven No-Drop criteria which are a sub-criteria to Blue Drop Criteria 6, Water Use Efficiency and Water Loss Management. The national No Drop programme is to be rolled out over four cycles running between 2014 and 2020. Depending on the current cycle, water service providers are required to meet selected standards from the seven No Drop criteria.

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